SonarQube Server can not be reached again

SonarQube Server can not be reached!
What to do?

Hi @FejesA ,

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Please see our Troubleshooting section on how to read your logs. They are located in $SONARQUBE_HOME/logs folder.

Please share your logs (copy and paste is fine) here. Please share the ones that look relevant.


Hi Joe
There are several logs each with about 1000 rows.
I have no idea which one is relevant and what to copy here.

Copy and paste just the portion that corresponds to the timestamp of your error (+/- a few minutes or so, depending on how long you tried to start SonarQube).

sorry, but I DO NOT understand you. How could I know, which log is, and WHERE te error in the 1000 lines??
I am a sonar beginner, I just wanted to run sonar in a Maven project

Hi @FejesA ,

Let’s start from the beginning then. Can you show your console where you attempted to start SonarQube, how did you start SonarQube, and where did you see “SonarQube Server cannot be reached”? Please copy and paste that text (all of it) here.

I can not copy-paste files here because te files are truncated…