SonarQube seemingly ignoring issue


SonarQube 8.9

Code snippet:
.map(dim → listDimensions.add(dim.getId()))

If we have our sonarlint connected to our sonarqube then it will not detect any issue but if its not connected it will complain that its against rule java:S2201. This would be all fine if it was not for the fact that this particular rule is enabled in sonarqube and sonarqube does not find it. I also checked and its not in resolved (wont fix, fixed, false positive) either.

Anyone got any idea on what could be wrong here and possible solution?

Hello @Jack-Polystar,

Thanks for your feedback and welcome to the community.

You are using latest version of SonarLint :sonarlint: and LTS version of SonarQube :sonarqube:.
For Java in connected mode :sonarlint: uses analyzer from server and in standalone mode it use embedded analyzer. In latest :sonarlint: we use latest version of Java analyzer as embedded. And since :sonarqube: LTS was released some time ago - analyzer version is older there. This is explanation of behavior you described.
Speaking about solution - maybe easiest one is to update :sonarqube: to more recent version.

Have a good day!

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