SonarQube Scanning .pc files


I am working on a project that requires scans of both .pc files as well as normal .c files. I have gotten Sonarqube to scan the .c files correctly, but when it scans the .pc files it shows the bugs/vulnerabilities as 0, when I know there are multiple bugs as it uses the strncpy function (which is caught in the .c files). Do I need to use another build wrapper, or are .pc files not supported?

I am using sonar-scanner-, with build-wrapper-linux-x86-64. In the properties I use path/to/output

Does someone have an example of correctly scanning .pc files?

Thanks so much!!

Hi @TRHS70 ,

we don’t support Pro*C, you won’t be able to see issues on those files even if you modify sonar.c.file.suffixes to include the .pc file suffix.