SonarQube Scan report


I am using SonarQube community edition 8.4 version.

I have scanned a sample python source code using sonarqube.

I like to import the scan result as excel or PDF.

I cannot see any option for it in project settings.

Can anyone please help me out in this.


There is no option to export the results of SonarQube into Excel or PDF files.
There is API available that you can use to extract the data and then format them like you want.

Check the Web API documentation here:

But before going there, can you clarify why you would need to extract the SonarQube results? Don’t you have everything in SonarQube to manage them?


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HI Alex,

I jus want to see if i can do some code scan and share the results to the coder for his better understanding.

Hey @sai_chaithanya

The goal of SonarQube is really not to run adhoc code scans and then toss the results over to another team, but to…

  • Have a centralized SonarQube server used by your team (or organization) to view/manage results
  • Integrate SonarQube analysis into your CI/CD pipeline, so that it runs automatically when needed (merging to master, building a pull request, etc.)
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Hey Colin,

This will be noted.
Thanks for the info.

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