Sonarqube run for specific product flavor and build type (gradle plugin)

Currently we are having problems running sonarqube for just a specific build variant. for example clienttestDebug

Our structure is like this. We have 3 different build types

  • Release
  • Debug
  • Profile

And has many (over 30) product flavors. For instance

 productFlavors {
        dev {

        demo {


        clienttest {


So we don’t want to run the sonar to run for all variants. Normally there is a way documented as below

sonarqube {
    androidVariant 'clienttestDebug'

However the piece above doesn’t work as expected and tries to run for all the variants. Is there something thats missing. We’re using sonarqube plugin version 2.7

Hi Sonar team,

Can we get help with this? This is a blocker for us, our CI builds break because of this.

We think this is a bug on sonarcloud side, and should be prioritized.