Sonarqube results not showing

Hi team,

I have successfully implemented SonarQube Enterprise Edition v10.5.1 on our Linux system and executed the project scan. However, I am encountering an issue where the analysis results are not showing up on the SonarQube web interface.

Here are the steps I’ve taken and the current configuration details:

  1. SonarQube Scanner Execution:
  • The SonarQube scanner completed without any errors.
  1. Configuration:
  • The project key used in the file matches the key defined in SonarQube.
  • Sample configuration:


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sonar.projectName=My Project
  1. Authentication and Permissions:
  • The SonarQube token used has the necessary permissions to push results to the server.
  1. Network and Connectivity:
  • There are no network issues preventing the scanner from sending results to the SonarQube server.
  1. Server Logs:
  • I have reviewed the SonarQube server logs (sonar.log, web.log, ce.log) and found no errors or warnings that explain the missing results.
  1. Background Tasks:
  • I checked the Administration > Projects > Background Tasks page, and there are no failed tasks related to the project analysis.
  1. Compatibility and Plugins:
  • All plugins are up-to-date and compatible with SonarQube v10.5.1.
  1. Re-analysis:
  • I have re-run the SonarQube scanner with the -X option for debug logging, but the results are still not showing.

Despite following these steps, the issue persists. Could you please assist me in identifying and resolving the problem? Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support.

Welcome :slight_smile:

did you already try forcing an elasticsearch reindex ?

What’s your scanner version ?
The sonar.login property is deprecated, see


to seek clarification on the functionality of SonarQube in relation to the output I received from my recent scan.

As you know, SonarQube is a popular tool for continuous inspection of code quality, providing detailed reports on code vulnerabilities, bugs, code smells, and technical debt. However, I am struggling to fully understand how to interpret the specific output generated by my recent SonarQube analysis.

The output I received highlights several issues, including:

  • [List of specific issues or types of issues]
  • [Examples of code snippets or error messages, if applicable]

While I understand that SonarQube identifies and reports on potential problems in the codebase, I am unsure if the issues listed in my output align with the expected functionality of SonarQube. Specifically, I would like to confirm:

  1. Are these types of issues (e.g., vulnerabilities, bugs, code smells) typically detected by SonarQube?
  2. Is there any additional context or details provided by SonarQube that I might have overlooked?
  3. How can I effectively prioritize and address the issues reported in the output?

I would greatly appreciate your guidance on how to best interpret the output and ensure that I am leveraging SonarQube to its full potential. Additionally, if there are any resources or documentation you can recommend for a deeper understanding of SonarQube’s reports, that would be extremely helpful.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. I look forward to your response.

You’re mixing things up. The original problem was Sonarqube not displaying anything.
That seems to be fixed now!?

For further / other questions, i.e. how to interpret Sonarqube findings please open a new thread.

hi i am unable to see my code coverage. that was my issue from the beginning. after you suggestions i got some output which i shared the screen shot in that i got code coverage 0. can you please me to fix it

This is the FIRST time you’re mentioning “code coverage”.
If that was your issue from the beginning, your post should have been titled, i.e.
“Sonarqube shows no code coverage” or similar.

You’re using the Sonarqube CLI scanner with

If it’s a npm build, this might help