SonarQube Restart Types


(Gagan) #1

Hi there

I am trying to understand what are the differences between restarting SonarQube Server via Admin -> System -> Restart Sever Vs Restarting the server when a plugin is installed.

We are running SonarQube in a docker container, therefore doing a server restart via admin panel causes all the plugins be lost. However, when installing plugins and performing a restart using the notification message works fine (plugins are not lost). Is there a hard vs soft reset/restart?

Furthermore, when performing a restart via a API call api/system/restart it does a soft restart and the plugins are not lost.

SQ Server Version 7.1 (build 11001)


(Simon Brandhof) #2


Plugins are persisted on disk, not in database. For this reason the Docker image must declare a persistent volume for the directory /extensions/plugins.
When restarting server from SonarQube administration console, the Docker container is kept alive. Only the Java process is restarted, the same volume is used and so plugins are not lost if the directory is volatile.

I hope it helps.