SonarQube reference branch dissmiss solved issues on new branches


I use SonarQue 9.9 (build 65466)
I’ve defined “develop” as the Reference Branch. After it has been analyzed I’ve managed the issues (confirmed, false positive, won’t fix, etc…)
Then I created a new feature branch in my code from develop. I’ve added one or two coverage tests and submitted the code to sonar.

The Sonar analysis on this new branch shows me every issues as “unresolved”.

I’ve attached the log file you asked for (and my config screenshot). My CI is running on a docker maven java image executed by gitlab SCM
logAnalyse.txt (70.8 KB)


Thanks for proactively including your analysis log!

It includes this:

[INFO] SCM writing changed lines
[INFO] Merge base sha1: eca30597bdf99cc25daff25f2954053bef9c618e
[INFO] SCM writing changed lines (done) | time=623ms

Can you verify that that sha1 corresponds to the commit you expect on the branch you expect? Because I believe that’s the new code reference point.


Yes, my last commit on develop has the id eca30597bdf99cc25daff25f2954053bef9c618e.


Thanks for checking. I’ve flagged this for more expert eyes.


Hi @rleopold

I am trying to reproduce the issue you are experiencing. Could you answer following questions:

  1. Does the 2nd analysis on your feature branch fixes the issue?
  2. Are you able to reproduce the same issue on any new feature branch you create?

Sorry, I just came back from vacation.

No, the 2nd analysis doesn’t fix the issue. I made a dozen commit on the feature. None was OK.

Yes, any new commit on the feature reproduces the same issue.

Since my ticket, I’ve closed the feature, and opened again a new feature (after merging) and each time, the issue appears again. It only works on develop.

Thanks for your concern.