SonarQube randomly looses pending analysis task - Failed to get CE Task status

We are using SonarQube pull request analysis with a quality gate on each MR in a GitLab project.
When several GitLab pipelines are running in parallel, quite often one of the sonar jobs fails with the
message “Caused by: Failed to get CE Task status - No activity found for task”.

The offending task id is not shown on the list of Failed or Pending Jobs in the SonarQube UI.
In the SonarQube access.log, one can see polling requests for the task ID switching from a 200-Response to a 404-Response.
Otherwise, there is no entry in the log files.

This seems to be similar to this problem with SonarCloud.

I assume this is a bug in SonarQube. Is this fixed alreay in 9.7.1 or 9.8. ?

Many thanks

My setup:

  • SonarQube Version 9.7 (build 61563) Developer Edition
  • Gradle Plugin org.sonarqube 3.3
  • GitLab on premise 14.2


Are you polling manually or using an SQ-provided method to get the Quality Gate status?