SonarQube QualityGate evaluation

We are using SonarQube Server v7.7.0.
We were trying to create a custom Quality Gate based on the default SonarWay quality gate.

However, request more details on the following:

  1. Are all the conditions specified for the Quality gate set to be evaluated as all of the conditions should pass? For instance, in the following case, are all the conditions required to pass:

Coverage on New Code|is less than 80.0%
Duplicated Lines on New Code|is greater than 3.0%
Maintainability Rating on New Code|is worse than A
Reliability Rating on New Code|is worse than A
Security Rating on New Code|is worse than A

b. If we assign a new quality gate to a project, will it be quality gate evaluation happen right away? It does not seem to be doing that. Does it happen only at the code evaluation time when the scanner is run?
Since, i am assigning a new custom quality gate was wondering if it is possible to re-evaluate the quality gate.


To pass, a project must meet every condition in the Quality Gate. So in your example, to pass a project must have

  • Coverage on New Code > 80^
  • Duplicated lines on New Code < 3%
  • Maintainability on New Code of A
  • Reliability on New Code of A
  • Security on New Code of A

Once you assign a project to a Quality Gate, it’s QG status will be re-evaluated at the next analysis. QG assignment doesn’t cause an immediate re-evaluation.