Sonarqube-quality-gate-action url wrong when quality gate fail on branch analysis

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Hello Everybody.

I would like for helping with a question about URL action sonarqube-quality-gate-action.

When Quality Gate fails, it shows me a URL link sonarqube_url/dashboard?id=xpto&branch=release-1.0, but the URL link doesn’t work for me.

When I access the branch link in the SonarQube Server, the URL link change to sonarqube_url/dashboard?branch=release-1.0&id=xpto and it works for me.

The URL just works by action URL link if the branch is main, sonarqube_url/dashboard?id=xpto&branch=main

I noticed the information about link URL {id&branch} here

and here


Hello @joao_paulo_moreira ,

We did try to see if there is any difference in behavior in case parameters are swapped, but seems like there is no issue on our side. In this case, we need to know more about your setup, do you have any proxy or anything in between your SonarQube and your browser?

Hey @jacek.poreda

I identified the problem. The URL suggested in the action is using HTTP, but via the browser we have an certificate for all URLs using HTTPS like SonarQube. Changing the action URL to HTTPS works for me.

Thanks for helping!

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