SonarQube Pull Request decorator on branch analysis


I’m trying to figure out if its possible to gain the benefit of the Sonarqube ALM features including PR decorations while working with branch analysis.

While Pull request analysis only focus on new code, the branch analysis will do a complete report.

The problem with pull request analysis: Developer are unable to see resolved issues inside the Pull request analysis.

Only branch analysis provide the ability to see, which issues has been resolved on my branch, but they wont work with Pull Request decorators.

Is it possible to configure pull request analysis been like branch analysis? Or is it possible to gain a benefit from pull request decorator without using pull request analysis?


You’re right; you can’t see fixed issues in a pull request (just like like deletions don’t show up in “new code”.)

This request has been on our list for a while, but keeps not making it to the top, in part because it’s not simple to fix. (This is probably at least partly because our shtick is showing issues that are there. Showing issues that aren’t there a whole different concept.)

I’m going to ping internally on this topic. Hopefully your feedback will help it gain the necessary “traction”.