SonarQube Pull-Request decoration with BitBucket


(Siobhan) #1

I’m just starting off.
I would like to have static code analysis shown on my Pull requests in bitbucket.
Also CI integration with Baboo.
Installed Community Edition 7.3.

Can I use Pull Request Reviews with the CE edition?

Which Bitbucket/GIT/ Bamboo plugins should I use.

Is it possible to get all this for free? If not which are the best licensed products to use?


(Nicolas Bontoux) #2

Hi there,

From a SonarQube (:sonarqube:) perspective the analysis of branches and pull requests is only available starting from the Developer Edition . In terms of reporting issues back to the Pull-Requst, SonarQube natively supports GitHub Enterprise and TFS.

Note that SonarCloud (:sonarcloud:) has native support for BitBucket Cloud .