Sonarqube puede analizar código de tipo RPG, RPGLE, SQLRPGLE,CLP, CLLE

Sonarqube can analyze code of type RPG, RPGLE, SQLRPGLE, CLP, CLLE

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Hi @Fabio_Gil_Rivera,

SonarQube Enterprise Edition and higher editions can analyze, by default, RPG and RPGLE files, but you can add those other extensions as well as long as they meet our free format support here:

Free-form is supported for C-specs and SQL statements. Free-form is not yet supported for H, F, D and P specs (which were added in IBM i 7.2).

See default file suffixes in our SonarQube 8.5.1:



suddenly you have the configuration from a pipeline in jenkins, when the code is analyzed with sonarqube

This is my code but when I get to the sonarqube there is no evidence left, can someone tell me what to do?

stage(‘SonarQube AS400’) {
agent {label ‘master’}
steps {
script {
def scannerHome = tool ‘sonarqube’;
withSonarQubeEnv(“sonarqube”) {
sh “”"${tool(“sonarqube”)}/bin/sonar-scanner
-Dsonar.projectVersion=1.0 “”"