Sonarqube Project displays are flat?

Hello All,

I am trying to workaround the sonar-project properties file to display my repo/code results under one project. For example,

Required project information

sonar.projectName=Test Repository 2

Specify the directory containing your source code


Specify the directory where the Build Wrapper output is stored

Language used in the project (C or C++)


Encoding of the source files


The above is my property file. And on my Sonarqube server side. I am seeing the results under a new project called Test Repository 2. But my goal is to view multiple results like,

-Test Repository 2 - main branch
-Test Repository 2 -feature branch
- Test Repo 1 - main branch
- Test Repo 1 - feature branch

Can I view my results like above step structure? or Sonar server only provides flat project results?

Also how to view the results per branch (main ,test ) for the same repo/ project? Do we need to put any additional flag in the command while exectuing from the host machine?

Hey there.

If you’re using C/C++ analysis, you should have access to a feature called Applications, which allows you to combine the resutls of multiple projects.