SonarQube Project Code Coverage shows Cobertura, But Repo Does Not User Cobertura

Our repo is Kotlin / Jacoco / Gradle based. We do not use Cobertura. But the SonarQube project I’m using to manage reports for the Repo seems to have Cobertura hard coded in Project Settings -> General Settings -> Code Coverage:

Report path
Path (absolute or relative) to Cobertura xml report file.
Key: sonar.cobertura.reportPath

It comes with a default value in the text field, and it won’t let me save the value as empty, as it fails some validation.

In the Sonar Scan logs, I’m seeing error messages:

Cobertura report not found at: [some path]/[ending in default sonar.cobertura.reportPath value]

I’m not passing in sonar.cobertura.reportPath anywhere in the SonarScan, so I assume it’s just being set by the default value from the SonarQube instance.

I have admin privileges for the Project, but not for the instance. Is there a workaround to stop getting these warning log messages other than changing the SonarQube instance to not hard code expecting Cobertura for all projects?

Hey there.

I think this is coming from this community-supported plugin: GitHub - galexandre/sonar-cobertura: Cobertura plugin for SonarQube

You may want to reach out to the maintainer, or uninstall it from your instance if nobody is using it.