SonarQube PL/SQL analysis

We are using sonarqube enterprise edition 7.7. Can we connect to the oracle DB using the below properties( to connect to ORACLE DB to do the analysis on entire schema. Or we need to copy the code from DB(to local system) and do the analysis.


Hello @Nithya_S,

These properties are used to connect to the DB in order to collect information from the Data Dictionary. The information collected this way helps the analysis, as it provides detailed data on the objects of the database (type, nullability, precision, …), which can be used in some of our rules to ensure constraints are respected (Ex: S3618, S3921).

The analysis itself still needs to take place on local sql files. The scripts/procedures you want to analyze will still need to be copied on the system you are running the analysis from.

Hope this helps.


Thank a lot Chris. As I mentioned earlier we are using Enterprise edition 7.7. How can we download the analysis report in HTML or PDF format?

or otherwise how long the analysis report for the project will be available in the sonar Qube? Will it be available until deleted?