SonarQube Organization is missing the components API

One of our clients faces an issue while fetching Organization from their Sonarqube instance.
Here is the API endpoint,
http:// / api/components/show

we tried both from our Instance as well as Client’s Instance(8.9.1 which was released in June). In the our Instance, we could see a field called “Organization” in the response JSON but the same is not available in the Client’s Instance. Is this field not mandatory ? Or is there anything we are missing?

Our Instance:


Welcome to the community @Manasa_Velladurai !

This field has no business usage in SQ and it has been removed on 8.7 version of SQ, more details here:


Thanks a lot @jacek.poreda for the quick response.

Are you going to remove them in the filter parameters as well?
Currently for components endpoint, we could pass a filter parameter as Organization. Is this also going to be deprecated ?

This filter parameter has been dropped in 8.7, so it is ignored if you are using SQ 8.7 or greater.

Please refer to documentation for the current web api parameters on your instance which should be available at: https://{your_sq_instance_address}/web_api