SonarQube not showing develop branch code coverage results to GUI

Hi Team, We are using SonarQube * Enterprise Edition Version 9.7.1 and sonarqube is hosted on openshift. our developer has upgraded angular version from 11 to 14 and node version to 16.13 and the time he was trying to generate sonar report he was not getting the expected result, the sonar report was working fine before upgrade activity.

Pls find the screen shot of the error which we were getting in sonar UI and for reference attaching the error file pls have a look

SonarQube.txt (6.7 KB)

kindly assist us to resolve this and pls let us know if you need further more information.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey there.

It looks like the error is pretty explicit.

13:46:43  + mvn -q -B -s devops/maven/settings.xml org.sonarsource.scanner.maven:sonar-maven-plugin: -P sonar
13:46:43  Picked up JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS: -XX:+UseContainerSupport
13:47:21  [ERROR] Error when running: 'node -v'. Is Node.js available during analysis?
13:47:21  org.sonarsource.nodejs.NodeCommandException: Error when running: 'node -v'. Is Node.js available during analysis?

If you run node -v on the machine performing analysis, is it successful?

Hi @Colin : Thanks for the reply. The job was working before with the same error. The time we upgrade nodejs version in angular, it was not showing the code coverage in Sonar.

Pls let us know if need any more info from my end.


Hey there.

For a Javascript project, SonarQube won’t be able to parse the files unless node is available. I think it’s important you address this first.