SonarQube MISRA compliance sheet


(dexter) #1

Hi all,

I see on your website that you claim some support of MISRA, but I’m failing to find any data sheet that provides to which extent Sonar supports this or that MISRA rule.

For example, I can see here: the list of MISRA C 2012 rules. I am not able to find most of these in the rules tagged MISRA in Sonar.

Could you provide some information about the MISRA support in Sonar ?


(Colin Mueller) #2

You might find this answer insightful:

(dexter) #3

Thank you for this quick reply. I bet I’m not the only one to search for this.
I encourage you to spend efforts on compliance for this or that standard: this will unblock Sonar adoption in specialized industries (Automotive, healthcare, …)

Good work