SonarQube (Local eg. local IP) + GitHub (Cloud) Integration

I am using SonarQube 9.0 developer version (local/In-house setup). And I need to run analysis on GitHub (Cloud) → Pull Request.

  1. Is this possible that i can see all GitHub PR and scan inside SonarQube - Local ? Not other way (there are some heavy dependency on code which we can’t move along source code). My Sonar local setup does not support HTTPS. Does it support only HTTPS ?
  2. Why do we need to build source code, is it not Static code analysis ?

So far i able to run analysis on particular branch, but no luck on GitHub-> Pull Request. I don’t know how/where to configure below tags:


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Yes, is supported for PR analysis & decoration. The docs may help.

Fair question. It is static analysis. And building is only required for some language and the reason for the requirement varies by language:

  • Java - analysis uses/reads both the .java files and the compiled .class files
  • C, C++, Objective-C, C# - analysis eavesdrops on the build to gather the configuration information needed for a full/correct analysis. We’ve built this mechanism because fully/correctly configuring projects in these languages manually is prohibitively difficult.


Thanks for reply. I have configured GitHub ALM setting using authentication App but still not able to login in SonarQube with GitHub option.

I have added below settings in GitHub->Settings->Developer settings->GitHub Apps->General->Identifying and authorizing users field:
Homepage URL: created public server name in SonarQube “
Callback URL: my local SonarQube instance

Still not able to connect GitHub, logs says “troubleshooting-authorization-request-errors”. Am i missing anything here ?


Here’s what I get when I Google that^

Anything interesting in the SonarQube server logs?