Sonarqube line count mismatch

  • SonarQube version is 9.1 developers edition

  • Have calculated the LOC used by each project and its sum is much lesser than what is calculated by the license manager and I am trying to understand this discrepancy . LOC calculation made by summing the LOC used by the largest branch for all projects is about 320K , LOC in the license manager is close to 490K
    Have gone through the documentation as well as a similar question asked here. Lines of code limit problem (production license) - #4 by thomasgl-orange

  • Have taken into account the points mentioned in the link above while calculating the LOC

  • I understand the LOC used by the largest branch is taken into account

  • I understand that LOC number represents the current state of analysis and removing a project will reduce the LOC used . Similarly , adding and analysing a new project will increase the LOC used

Need some help to further understand whats causing the LOC mismatch.

Some of the branches in the projects had analysed some extra files thus adding to the LOC count . This contributed to the LOC as seen under the license administration. These extra files were later excluded for analysis via exclusion parameters.

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