Sonarqube latest/docker hangs when I enable ldap

Dear friends. I have installed sq latest version through docker habcompose. Everything went smoothly, SQ is up and running. When I want to configure LDAP the container constantly resets every 30 seconds. It doesn’t like the line;

I enable that option and it resets. I remove it from and SQ starts normally. I have enabled the dDEBUG mode but I have not seen anything noticeable. Can you give me a hand to understand what is going on? I assume that the plugin is already included in the SQ software itself, right?

Thank you in advance

Hey there.

That sounds like SonarQube isn’t successfully connecting to the LDAP server – I’m surprised that you don’t see more logs about that!

Do you see anything like

LDAP realm failed to start: Unable to open LDAP connection?