Sonarqube java should ignore method signature rules on overriden methods


Using Sonarqube 9.3 with java we get findings on method signature that are overriden:
e.g rule java:S3553 is violated for this code:

  public ListPartitionReassignmentsResult listPartitionReassignments(Optional<Set<TopicPartition>> partitions, ListPartitionReassignmentsOptions options) {
    return client.listPartitionReassignments(partitions, options);

Sonar should only complain on the base declaration which is out of scope in this example as it is from the kafka library. Its not possible to fix method signatures on overriden methods.

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Any feedback on this?

Hi there Michael, indeed you are correct, this is a FP since the user has no control over the signature when overriding, and I think this might the case also for other rules.
I have created a specific ticket about this one for the moment.

Thank you for the report!