Sonarqube java custom rules unable to run the example test

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I am following the custom rules 101 to run MyFirstCustomCheck, the version of sonarqube is 8.9.2LTS.
When I am trying to run the test, the error pops on

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to read file '/Users/zhangruibo/Documents/sonarqube/sonar-java/docs/java-custom-rules-example/src/main/java/src/test/files/'

The codes in my files are the same as the docs asked to write. Clearly, the path has some problem, it should not go to the /src/main/java then go to /src/test/files. Need some help about this issue.

Hello @Ruibo_Z
It looks like the path mixes the location of your check
with the location of the file you want to run your test on

From that point, you can look at 2 things:

  1. Check that the path is the same one given in the documentation
  2. Check that you are launching your test from the right folder/context. It might be that the root folder of the java-custom-rules is not properly recognized.