SonarQube - is there any way import and export sonar scan results history from a sonar server to another sonar server

Hi Team,
We trying to migrate from a sonarqube server which is with 8.3 developer edition TO Sonarqube - 8.9.

sonarqube server which is with 8.3 is using since couple of months which Dev tracking on issues and done some changes like false positives, fixes to them.

In new SonarQube 8.9 instance , we ran scan for project which freshly given all issues. Team do not have track on how many fixed and what arised in new sonar server.

Is there any way we can import the history of scan data from old server to this new server so team can start at this point how in old and continue instead from scratch

Please advise thankyou

Hi @moksha ,

These are the options I see:

  1. Merge 8.3 DE with your 8.9 DE instance.
  2. Use Project Move to move just one or many projects between your 2 SonarQube instances, instead of all the projects and settings.
    • This requires Enterprise Edition or higher, so this may not be an option for you.
    • See section 4. Project Data in the link above for more details.
  3. Drop all the data in 8.3 DE and focus only on using 8.9 DE
    • This is probably the easiest way to move forward, but if you insist on keeping that old data, then you should consider upgrading to Enterprise Edition.
  4. Manually update your project’s false positives in your 8.9 DE based on 8.3 DE
    * Not a great option but if you don’t have many things to update, this is an option.

Please let me know what you think.


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