Sonarqube is reporting false findbugs issues on kotlin

  • Developer Edition
  • Version 8.5 (build 37579)
  • LGPL v3

I am getting redundant null check error for my code. I do not have put any null check.


Style - Redundant nullcheck of value known to be non-null
Code Smell
Available Since
Apr 29, 2020
FindBugs (Java)
Constant/issue: 30min
This method contains a redundant check of a known non-null value against the constant null.

Again another issue that I am getting is ** Performance - Method needlessly boxes a boolean constant**
val batteryLevelGood: MutableLiveData<Boolean> = MutableLiveData()
if (viewModel.batteryLevelGood.value == false){// some code}

Can anyone help with this?


You really need to take this up with the developers of that plugin, probably by raising an issue directly on that project.



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