Sonarqube is it detect "memory leakes"


Sonarqube is it detect “memory leaks”
Is ther any specific catogery or any rules for that
Please help me. I am not unable to scanning memory leaks on sonarqube

Hey there.

What language(s) are you interested in? Have you checked the list of rules?


Python language, iam not finding any rules for that

Please provide any solution for “memory leaks” ,we are using python application.
I am not finding memory leaks

There aren’t any built-in rules that generically detect memory leaks. Do you have a code example where you would expect an issue to be raised, because it’s causing a memory leak?

Thanks for getting back to me,

So how to detect memory leaks and will share memory leak code

Is, it generically detect memory leaks, that detect code its huge file
we are finding errors in
Bugs is showing no errors
Security Hotspots,
Code Smells
Where we can find detected memory leaks error, please can you suggest on that