Sonarqube installation

hello sonarqube team,

I’m new to sonarqube and I installed it on my machine but when I run it I get this error

jvm 1 | 2021.07.12 19:28:37 WARN app[startup] Default Administrator credentials are still being used. Make sure to change the password or deactivate the account.

I am using sonarqube_9.0.0
and java 11

Hello @Abdourazak and welcome to the community :wave:

what you see in the logs is just a warning to hint you that you are currently using default credentials (admin/admin) which need to be changed after the first login. Is anything not working that makes you think this is an error?

Hi, @Tobias_Trabelsi Could you please tell me more. I have changed the password but still, it’s showing the same issue which @Abdourazak posted.

@Abdourazak How did u solved this issue? Could explain the process.

Hi @Sreekanth_G ,

can you describe what you did and where (specially when) you see this warning? it should be gone after you changed the admin password and restarted sonarqube

Hi, @Tobias_Trabelsi The warning went away automatically. Thanks for the help.

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