SonarQube ignores files in Maven src/main/resources

Hi community,
I’m using the Maven scanner to analyze my project.
The directory layout of my project is standard:


The Java class and the pom.xml is detected and analyzed by SonarQube.
But the sql file is completely ignored.
Does someone know why?

I did not configure any exclusions.
SQL files in other projects (non-Maven) are analyzed successfully.

SonarQube EE 8.1
OpenJDK 11


I believe Maven analysis is going to pick up only Java sources automatically & by default. If you need it to pick up something from resources, then I think you’ll need to override the sonar.sources value to include both subdirectories.


The maven scanner also picks up other - non java - sources. We have projects that contain a
directory, beside the Java code.
The scanner by default finds all CSS, HTML and JavaScript and analyzes it.
That’s why I wondered why *.sql is not taken into account.
I will try and add the “sources” parameter.
But it would be great if you could find out with your team, why some source-types (Java, HTML, CSS) are picked up by default and *.sql not.