Sonarqube helm with nginx returns a 404

  enabled: true

  type: ClusterIP
  externalPort: 9000
  internalPort: 9000
  annotations: {}
  # May be used in example for internal load balancing in GCP:
  # Internal
  # loadBalancerSourceRanges:
  #   -
  # loadBalancerIP:
  # You can set the port to be exposed when type is NodePort or LoadBalancer.
  # nodePort: 30000
  enabled: true
  # Used to create an Ingress record.
    - name:
      # Different clouds or configurations might need /* as the default path
      path: /*
      # Only for API version ""
      # pathType: Prefix
      # For additional control over serviceName and servicePort
      # serviceName: someService
      # servicePort: somePort
  annotations: nginx "false"
  # "true"
  # This property allows for reports up to a certain size to be uploaded to SonarQube "8m"
    ingressClassName: nginx

the above configuration on my value yml upgrades successfully but the application is not working on the external ip

Hi @bheemreddy181
It’s difficult to spot what could be wrong with the configuration as it also depends on the cloud provider.
Have you tried making it work first on HTTP?
Does it also fail with path: / instead of path: /* ?

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