SonarQube for C++ does not parse end of lines correctly

  • SonarQube Version 7.9.1 (build 27448)
  • On multiple occasions, line ends are not parsed correctly, see for instance:
  • Apparently this code is correct, but incorrectly marked. Is this a known issue?

Hi @pvyleta,

could you run the analysis with property sonar.verbose=true and share the output log?

Hello, sory for very late response, I was finally able to get the requested logs in anonymized form. Is there something which sounds like a familiar issue? 138641_sonar_verbose.txt (600.3 KB)

Hello, So we were able to get rid of the issue by using native Linux libraries, instead of cross-compiling. any reason why cross-compilation could break SonarQube?

Hi @pvyleta,

the log with all paths redacted is kind of useless, if you want I can send you a private message to share it privately with me.

In any case, in the log I see a lot of file not found entry which may explain the issue you were seeing.

I need to see the entire output log.