SonarQube feature branch checks for new code does not show failures but it does on master

Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):

  • sonar-qube-scanner.
  • sonar-scanner-cli-

The simple requirement is to be able to receive SonarQube quality failures when a running on a feature branch, before the code is merged in master. Instead, the feature branch passes and when it’s merged into master it fails. It seems like there’s a bug with the “new code” setting, and it doesn’t pick up the changes until they are merged.

“New Code” filter applied (for the last 30 days) - shows no issues:

“New Code” filter removed - issues visible in the last 18 days (there are examples with a couple of hours as well):

The “New Code” filter should show the issues in the last 30 days and fail the checks, but it doesn’t.


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What’s your SonarQube version? (You can find it in the page footer if you’re not sure.)

Also, what’s your branch’s New Code Period set to?


Hi Ann,

Thank you, glad to be here!

The SonarQube version is: SonarQube Enterprise
The New Code Period is set to 30 days.


Hi Smilyan,

Thanks for those details.

Could you share some more details of your feature branch? I gues it’s based on the main branch? Was there any re-basing before merge?