SonarQube fails to start on Windows with MSSQL

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I have a similar issue however my sonarqube instance does run/start using StartNTService.bat from the install dir. However my issue is that once i add the Microsoft SQL database and un-comment the conf line just like this… it stops working?? It actually says wrapper | Starting the SonarQube service…
wrapper | SonarQube started. when i run the StartNTService command however when i check on the browser with address http://localhost:9000/about it never shows up… then i when i try to stop it using the StopNTService.bat it says the SonarQube service was not running??


Cannot start SonarQube (StartSonar.bat) - Unable to register component
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I forked this from the initial topic you raised it in as it’s not directly related.

It seems like you’re hitting a startup failure, the first thing to do is to check the content of all logs to understand what the fatal error is. Here’s a good starting point to help: .

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