SonarQube Enterprise Doubts

  1. For custom plug-in addition (the plugins that are not in the default list in Administration > Marketplace , what is the approach to install them. Are admin rights needed for the same or can it be delegated to other users to carry out.
  2. For the Portfolio Executive report, I see that all the reports will be sent to one person. Is it possible to send the report per portfolio to the concerned person ?
  3. Regarding the Permission Template, is it possible to set permissions specific to a project or application or portfolio ? Or will that be global permissions for the entire instance ?
  4. While creating new users and assigning them to groups and granting them permissions, how is the addition in bulk possible ?


  1. you need to have access to the file system, put the jars in $SONARQUBE_HOME/extensions/plugins
    then restart
  2. use /project/admin/extension/governance/report?id=Foobar&qualifier=VW
    and Other recipients, Add to put additional recipients to the global ones (usually the admins)
    We started to add person initially, but decided later to let the users decide.
    Every user may subscribe / unsubscribe on their own at the portfolio dashboard


  1. Permission templates are there for setting the permissions automatically when project gets created i.e. we use regex with namespace (= Maven groupid), let’s say com\.foo\.bar.+
    to set the same permissions for related projects. There is a Default permission template if
    no other template matches.
    Otherwise the permissions may also be set per project.
  2. when using LDAP integration you just need a related group in Sonarqube and the users are
    automatically added to it, has to be AD groupname == Sonarqube groupname.
    No need to add users manually.
    There is also a web api, see /web_api/api/users?internal=true

In general for bulk operations use scripting with the web api, see /web_api/?internal=true


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