SonarQube Doubling Lines on rerun

SonarQube 7.7 Developer Edition

When I am running an analysis on the project for the first time it scans properly and shows all issues.
When I rerun the scan. It doubles the lines of the project.
Then with every run it doubles
1st run 50k
2nd run 100k
3rd run 200k

Please help


I think the first thing to try is to set Jenkins up to clean your workspace before checkout each run (or does that have to happen at the end of the job? It has been a while.) The likeliest suspect is that something is actually doubling the files on disk to be analyzed. This could probably be verified in the SonarQube interface. Take a look in the project’s Code page to see if directories appear multiple times.


Hi Ann,
It seems the test reports were being overwritten so we passed coverage erase before running the report and it’s back to normal.
Unfortunately we are facing another issue. None of the images are loading on the checks tab in github

All the links are pointing to the public ip of the server so they reroute correctly to the sonar results page. All images are broken though. :frowning:

Hi Juliana,

This seems related: