SonarQube Developer Pull request analysis code coverage for iOS

Pproduct: SonarQube developer edition
Version: 7.7
Platform: iOS
Language: Swift
VCS: GitHub Enterprise

What am I trying to achieve

Have SonarQube publish coverage information and duplication information for Pull Request Analysis for Android.

What have I done so far

The long lived branch is the master branch.

Regular and Branch analysis are successfully setup for iOS projects where the code coverage information is visible in the SonarQube dashboard.

iOS is configured via file. Here we use sonar.coverageReportPaths. The coverage file is compiles using the iOS script in the sample repository on GitHub.

PR analysis is set up as per the docs and there is a GitHub Enterprise App that adds the checks on PRs.
Here is a screenshot to confirm.

However, as is visible from the bottom of the image - there is no coverage information collected by the scanner for the PR analysis.

and visiting the dashboard I see not coverage and duplication information.


What is necessary to have the PR analysis collect coverage information for iOS? Is there a special key for PR analysis that needs to be set?

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