SonarQube Developer 9.9 old code smell is showing in New PR also

we have recently upgraded from 9.5 to 9.9 developer edition , but we are facing issue with code smells in Azure DevOps as part of PR with comments
Those code-smells are not part of this PR code.
Still those are code-smells are showing in every PR, Please help me on it ASAP.

Hey there.

Can you show an example? And, it’s always helpful to share your analysis logs of an affected PR. This guide should help you find them:

The below screenshot is showing the code smell which is not part of my code in PR, but it showing as code smell same way i am getting around 50 + code smells which is not part of my PR code base.
earlier we have used 9.5 developer version, we never faced this issue but now we are facing this issue in 9.9 developer edition.
Kindly help us on it.

Hi @Colin
Please help me on it, it is impacting our deliverables.
We are facing this issue after we upgraded to 9.9 version only.

Thanks & regards,
Naren Singamaneni.


It’s important when asking for assistance to include as much information as possible.

As mentioned previously:

You can find those logs in the Azure DevOps pipeline of an affected PR (a PR where an old issue is being raised). Even better if those logs are in DEBUG mode (analysis parameter sonar.verbose=true)