Sonarqube custom profile can not execute in the maven command line

I need to scan my java project with a custom sonarqube profile(not default one)

mvn sonar:sonar -Psonar

When I run the above command It'scan with the default profile. Does anyone have any idea?
sonarQube version 9.3 community edition


The property sonar.profile was removed a long time ago (it was deprecated in SQ 4.5 and completely removed in SQ 7.7).

To set a custom profile to your project follow the instructions on Quality Profiles | SonarQube Docs

Using a non-default profile on a project

One profile for each language is marked as the default profile. Barring any other intervention, all projects that use that language will be analyzed with that profile. To have a project analyzed by a non-default profile instead, start from Quality Profiles , and click through on your target profile, then use the Projects part of the interface to manage which projects are explicitly assigned to the profile.

Thank you for the information. The issue has been resolved