SonarQube crashes while connecting SonarLine with with SonarQube server hosted in EC2

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  • Operating system: Windows 11

  • IDE name and flavor/env:
    Version: 1.80.0 (user setup)
    Commit: 660393deaaa6d1996740ff4880f1bad43768c814
    Date: 2023-07-04T15:06:02.407Z
    Electron: 22.3.14
    ElectronBuildId: 21893604
    Chromium: 108.0.5359.215
    Node.js: 16.17.1
    OS: Windows_NT x64 10.0.19045

And a thorough description of the problem / question:
I have recently installed the latest sonarqube LTS 9.9 community version in an EC2 instance. I want to connect it to VSCode to analyze security hotspots, but after I generated user token and after integration, I am not able to see security hotspots and sonarlint was showing X symbol in the left menu bar. Later I found out that the sonarqube server was crashed and giving Gateway timeout error, when I restarted the server, the existing project was gone.

Any idea what might have caused this issue? and how can we fix it so that I won’t get this problem again

Hi @Neelamegha_kannan_S ,

Welcome to the Sonar Community!

I do not suspect your issue is related to SonarLint but some stability problems on the SonarQube server. Which database were you connected to? The builtin evaluation database may get erased if the EC2 host restarts and you were using ephemeral disk.

See our documentation for proper setup using an external database.



Thanks for the update. We have founded heap memory’s limit has reached, so we have increased the limit, currently facing no issues. But is there a way to make sure its not happening in the future

Hi @Neelamegha_kannan_S ,

Glad to hear this is resolved. Please take a look at our Monitoring documentation for guidance on monitoring your server’s memory usage.



thanks, this is great