SonarQube C# Plugin not working

  • SonarQube version 7.5
  • Scanner version sonar-scanner-cli-
  • Plugin C# version sonar-csharp-plugin-
    *OS Windows Server 2019 updated
  • We try to analyze the C# codes with sonar scanner but can not do it. We have find the a lot of solution on sonarqube web site or web sites but there is no any solution. So We try to Java (.js) codes with Java plug-in for analyse, we did success. C# analyze can not throw the report to server

Please advise

Scanning C# requires using the Scanner for MSBuild:

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Thanks for information.

We can not use the sonar scanner for C# code, right?


we will try to scanner for msbuild and get back to you for result

I have received an error. Java installed to c:\java and JAVA_HOME set on Windows environment

ERROR: JAVA_HOME exists but does not point to a valid Java home
folder. No “\bin\java.exe” file can be found there.

Please advise

When Start the SonarScanner.MSBuild.exe end command

it solved when close the command prompt after open and re-run command

, thanks for support