SonarQube Azure DevOps quality gates not working since 10.x


We’ve recently upgraded our sonar instance to 10.2.1 from 9.9.2 LTS and noticed that Quality Gates in Azure DevOps stopped working correctly they are constantly hanging on Waiting.

We are using:
Sonarqube Developer Edition Version 10.2.1 (build 78527) (Docker image on AKS)
Azure DevOps (Latest)
SonarQube extension version 5.15.0 (Latest)

We have configured Projects in sonarqube to integrate with Azure DevOps (DevOps Platform Integration) and have Valid Azure DevOps configuration on administration panel

Is there anything else we need to configure to make it work?

Hey there.

Check out this post.


Thank you for the quick reply.
As I mentioned we already have setup ALM Integration on project level and in administration panel but it still doesn’t work. Did we need to configure it anywhere else beside this two places for quality gates to work in PRs?


No, that’s all the configuration that should be required.

Do you see the pull request itself analyzed in SonarQube (putting the decoration aside)? Any warnings on the project dashboard?

The build that the PR triggered passed without errors and i can see the results in SonarQube

The only warning we are getting is about login parameter, doesn’t seem related to our problem.
Screenshot 2023-10-05 at 12.44.20

Okay — that’s unfortunate. :confused:

My next suggestion would be to check the Compute Engine logs (the ce.log file of your /logs/ directory) after submitting an analysis of this pull request. Maybe it’s swallowing some errors instead of making them visible on the UI.

We’ve done some digging and found out the reason for our problem, seems like old version of azure devops tasks are not compatible with current version of SonarQube.
After changing them to latest ones PR’s started working correctly.

Thank you for your hints!

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