SonarQube Azure Devops endpoint failed


I’m trying to set up SonarQube as a step in my pipeline in Azure devops but I get a url error message:

Starting: SonarQube
Task         : Prepare Analysis Configuration
Description  : Prepare SonarQube analysis configuration
Version      : 4.24.0
Author       : sonarsource
Help         : Version: 4.24.0. [More Information](
##[error][SQ] API GET '/api/server/version' failed, error was: {"code":"ENOTFOUND","errno":"ENOTFOUND","syscall":"getaddrinfo","hostname":"aieforgev2pr-sonarqube-internal.aieforgev2pr.svc.cluster.local","host":"aieforgev2pr-sonarqube-internal.aieforgev2pr.svc.cluster.local","port":"9000"}
Finishing: SonarQube

It is a .Net Framework project. What url should I be using instead?



Welcome to the community!

This is one of the first (the first?) call the scanner makes to find out what version of the server it’s dealing with and to get some details about it. Your error message indicates that the call failed. So I would look to your base SonarQube server configuration. Is the URL correct? (Can you access it from your machine?) If so, is there something on the network interfering with the call?