SonarQube Announcement Message may limit users with ADA Alternative Browsers

Sonarqube - recent versions with Announcement Message

Good feature, we use it a bunch. However, having problems with tooling supporting Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We need to be able to show the entire message. We cannot seem to enter new lines. Does a feature exist or could we add a feature for markup syntax (e.g., markdown or limited html) to enable “safe” structuring of the announcement message?

This would help a bunch of our users who use our systems which require alternative browser technologies.


Hi @kirkpabk ,

Thanks for reporting this.

I’m guessing you are referring to the fact the message is truncated to the right (showing an ellipsis), correct? If so, I’ve just opened a ticket to fix this. You can track it here: SONAR-20692

If this is not the issue, however, could you elaborate a bit further?

This is not supported yet, and not yet on our roadmap. Could you elaborate a little on why you would need more markup features?

I do have the same concern. If I want to give an FAQ link in the announcement banner, with the markdown/html ability, we can easily achieve it via <a href='' target='_blank'>FAQ</a>. Since the capability is not available, the URL is available as a plain text.


Thanks for the extra info.

What I’ve done is track this as a feature request to add support for some basic markup in the system announcement messages. From here, it will be evaluated by Product Managers and might make it to the product.


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