Sonarqube analysis report for each gitlab commit

Hi, we recently upgraded to SonarQube Developer Edition version 8.9.6. With our previous SonarQube 7.1 we had GitHub - gabrie-allaigre/sonar-gitlab-plugin: Add to each commit GitLab in a global commentary on the new anomalies added by this commit and add comment lines of modified files where we were able to get Sonarqube comment/decoration for each commit pushed to our gitlab project. Does this capability still exist in SonarQube version 8.9.6 or with a different plugin? The sonar-gitlab-plugin no longer works with newer SonarQube versions greater than 7.7.

We don’t use gitlab-ci. We have a multi-branch Jenkins pipeline that runs every time a commit is pushed to a branch. The pipeline runs the sonar scanner CLI during the static analysis stage. I know SonarQube is now able to decorate a Merge Request but we don’t usually create a Merge Request right away. Only when commits on the branch successfully pass the Jenkins pipeline job do we create a Merge Request. We would like to see the result of the Sonar Analysis for the commit. Creating a Merge Request does not trigger the Jenkins pipeline if the branch to be merged already ran in Jenkins. If a new commit is added to the branch to be merged, then the Jenkins pipeline and sonar scan are triggered.


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Pull request analysis and decoration is available starting in Developer Edition($).