SonarQube Analysis on Pull Request Branch in Azure, Analyzing old lines code instead of new lines of code

We are having same issue, When we had created pull request and ran analysis its analyzing old code to, so its not meeting coverage gates percentage and its failing. due to this we are not able to complete Pull request.

what is cause for this issue?

screen shots:

above is PR for Post service, and it has only one file(FeaturedPostMapTest.cs) change, but after we had ran sonar analysis its showing changes in below files, which are not modified/created with this PR:

please check and let us know what might be the cause?

we are using SonarQube community version: 7.7

Hey there,

If you’re using the Community Edition of SonarQube, how are you achieving Pull Request Decoration?

If you’re using a community-supported plugin to accomplish this, unfortunately you won’t find any support for it on this forum. You should speak with the maintainer.

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