SonarQube analysis on commit or PR modifications only like preview mode


We want to put a SonarQube instance to verify quality in our CI/CD, but the analysis take more 1 hour (project of 3M LOC). Do you have a solution to analyze only files modified (like deprecated preview mode on commit in SonarQube Community 6.7) and no entire solution ?
For information, the project is developed with VB.NET on Azure DevOps.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Alexandre,

Welcome to the community!

First of all I would be asking you to share a few relevant logs as well as key information that can help both for a community member to help you as well as explain the 1h duration for your analysis:

  • What version of SonarQube are you using, and what version of the VB.NET language analyser
  • Share an analysis scan log in debug mode with timestamps, passing the sonar.showProfiling=true parameter to the scanner. This will show where the scanner spends time.
  • Share the ce.log file on the server side right after the client side analysis finishes (and the server receives the report for processing). Can you see how much time the associated Background Task takes to complete on the server?


Hi Daniel,

First, thanks for your reply !

  • We have Sonarqube et VB.NET analyser 8.9 (build 19135) installed
  • Using Azure DevOps Scanner, each log do you want ? (prepare analysis, .Net build, run code analyse or publish quality gate)
  • Backgroud Task take beetween 13 and 18 minutes