Sonarqube analysis issue

Hi Team,

Please be informed that recently we upgraded our sonarqube instance to sonarqube-8.9.7.
But we have a glitch in the latest sonarqube :
Though the code is buggy and sonarqube produces the report as failed but still it’s letting the jenkins build succeed whereas it should have been failed.

Please help us with a way that we can configure to make the jenkins build fail if the sonarqube scanning is failed and vice-versa.

Thanks in advance.

Please suggest a way to get rid of this issue.

Looks like the " Quality Gate Profile Plugin " which we have configured is not working.
Please help on this issue at the earliest convenience as this issue has been pertinent for long.

[image redacted]


First, I hope you’ve already revoked those credentials you published^. :slight_smile:

For failing the Jenkins pipeline, you shouldn’t need that plugin. The docs should get you started.