SonarQube 9.2 Administrator token failing with Insufficient privileges

I have a SonarQube 9.2 Developer edition.

I am trying to pass Azure DevOps build IDs to Sonar and get detailed results using the following endpoint. . I am able to get results in a different envirnment which has a SonarQube latest Community version running. In that version, I have the option to create a global, project or User token.

However, in 9.2 there is no such option. A token is generated there is no “sqa” or “squ” in the token. It fails with “Insufficient Privileges”. Not sure where to look or what to fix. Any help is much appreciated.

Hey there.

That’s true – these specific tokens were introduced later in the v9.x series. You should upgrade to v9.8 (or v9.9 LTS next week) to use these kinds of tokens.

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