Sonarqube 8.9 warning c++ unanalyzed files

nanalyzed C++ files were detected in this project during the last analysis. C++ cannot be analyzed with your current SonarQube edition. Please consider upgrading to Developer Edition to find Bugs, Code Smells, Vulnerabilities and Security Hotspots in this file.

Does that mean it is not allowed to use legally under license ?

@G Ann Campbell can you help me

Hi G Ann Campbell.
could you help me out for below issues ?

https:// Sonarqube 8.9 warning c++ unanalyzed files - #2 by fayazhussain90


First, you should be aware that there’s no one on call for the Community and there is no SLA. We respond to posts as we can, when we can.

You posted both here and in another thread I was already involved in, trying to get my attention. I have merged the posts in the other thread into this one because they were disruptive to that other topic. Please don’t do that again.

Regarding your actual question: rest easy. You are not in violation of any licensing. You’re not doing anything wrong. The warning is just to make you aware that you have code in your project that isn’t analyzed because you’re not currently licensed for the language. C++ analysis starts in Developer Edition($).

And as we can see from the screenshot, if you’d like to never be alarmed by that message again (sorry about that) you can permanently dismiss the message there in the UI.


There is no “Permanently Dismiss” option for me?
I am using the Community CXX Plugin. The Sonar-Scanner log explicitly shows it was analyzed with CXX, not with cfamily. Why does SonarQube Community not allow me to use the Community CXX plugin?

Hi @F_Osternis,

Welcome to the community!

You can use whatever plugins you like. And since you’re not licensed for official C++ analysis, there’s a notification that you could be going further with our functionality.